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Hat Care

Handling your hat

Always have clean and dry hands when handling your hat. When picking up your hat handle it gently by the brim. Once on your head, place it into position by handling the crown gently. If you are handling a hat or fascinator, you can manoeuvre it into position by gently holding the edge, or if on a headband or wire prongs by handling these instead.

Weather conditions

Don’t get your hat wet! Both straws and felts can lose their shape if they get wet. If rain is on the cards for your special event, and you are going to be outside wearing it, ensure you have your umbrella handy! If your hat does accidentally get wet. Leave it to dry naturally to help keep its shape. Do not put it on a radiator or other source of heat!

Storing your hat

When not wearing your hat or headpiece, store it in the Oscar & Willow Millinery hat box and tissue paper provided with it. This will help protect it from accidental damage, keep it clean from dust, and prevent sun bleaching.

Removal of dust

Despite correct storage, should your hat get dusty, you can use a soft bristle brush or lint roller to remove dust or light dirt. For delicate trims like ribbons or feathers, you can use a hairdryer on a low and cool setting to remove any dust. Never wet or dry clean your hat.